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Online/in person Independent Study

Teacher Certification Program!

Interested in deepening your own personal practice?
Looking for a change in your career?
Want the flexibility in your work schedule to create more freedom in your personal life?
Want to help people feel great?
Perhaps our 200 hour-teacher training program is exactly what you need!  Our individual/Custom training was created to

fit your personal schedule and needs to ensure a successful outcome.

You will walk away with a 200-hour certification in The focus of your choice (Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga, Yin, Power Yoga) including Anatomy, sequencing, & injuries. Learn to teach a safe & solid beginner yoga class and a deeper understanding of your own practice & self, building confidence & empowerment through communication.

The entire program is Independent study.  You make your timeline/schedule custom to your life demands. All we require is for you to complete the program within a 12 month period.


Once you have completed your online classroom hours & audits in each section, you can begin to fine tune what you've learned & be able to continue to ask questions & receive guidance as you get your feet wet as a trainee instructor.  Once hours are completed, you are ready to test out and graduate.

Once you have completed all course requirements and have passed all exams satisfactorily, you will receive your certification from Yoga Sol. You will be all to teach yoga at any studio that does not require you to do their own specific training program.


Pre-Requisites / How to apply:
1. be 21 years or older. 
2. have a minimum of 6 months of previous yoga practice (some exceptions may apply) and a clear understanding of basic postures.
3.  have a $500 deposit (non refundable).

Teacher Training Requirements:
• Must attend a total of 80 classes (Independent study = min of 3 per week recommended)
• Must complete Lectures, Paperwork: readings, homework assignments, Anatomy of postures, Quizzes / Final exams.
• Practicum: class audits and practice teachings. 

To ensure the quality of our training, there are a limited number of students we will allow to participate at this time. Don’t lose your opportunity. Reserve your spot now. 

Certification Pricing: 
Deposit: $1000.00 (non refundable)
Training: $3000.00 ($500 off if paid in fullwithout a payment plan)


**Payment plans are available. 
Must be paid in full before the start of the course. (TBD by Yoga Sol and Trainee) 

What your payment includes:

1. Text books   

2. 80 classes requirement.
3. All Lectures and course materials 


Course completion dates: 

  • All requirements must be completed within a 12 month period.


Yoga Teacher Business 101

After you've completed youor teacher training certification, it can be overwhelming as to what to do next.

Our Business 101 course teaches you;

-what you need to start your own business

-what documents you need to legally own your business

- online -vs- brick and mortar (leases)

-how to get your website, url established

-social media tips


- selling goods -vs- services

- how to build and keep your clientele

- also provides mentorship while you are teaching classes to help with questions that arise while being a new instructor.

and much much more!

Mentorship is 6 months

Price: $1200.00

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