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Testimonial 1

I was an occasional runner, but as I got closer to my 30th birthday, ‘occasional’ became ‘rarely’. Then, I got sick in December 1999. It was just a sinus infection, but it was a sign of things to come. Over the next 6 years, I had countless sinus infections and 3 sinus surgeries. My immune system was weakened. Additionally, I gained over 20 pounds.

I thought I would pass out my first class, but I kept coming back. I started with one day a week for the first few months. Then, I added a second day each week. I shed 20 pounds my first year and have kept it off. Now, 2 ½ years later, I take 3 classes a week. I have not had any sinus issues since 2006.I am healthier at 40 than I was at 30, and I never would have imagined that just a few years ago. Thank you Yoga Sol! Chris, Concord, CA

Testimonial 2

Like most people with chronic back problems, I get that sensation that my back is tweaked, out of alignment or that terrible feeling it is going to slip out on me.  Since I’ve begun practicing yoga regularly at Yoga Sol, I have experienced no back pain, no tightness & none of the fluttering that proceeds a week on the couch with my back out. 

The increased strength and flexibility in my legs, abs and back from cross-training with Yoga Sol has improved my own swim times to the fastest I’ve ever been.
Cameron Hagans Men’s Varsity Water Polo Coach, College Park High School Pleasant Hill, CA

Testimonial 3

I came to yoga three years ago when my sister came to visit me in California. I was new to California. I did not want to try yoga, but she insisted. At first I was very awkward, overweight, and lonely. But soon I made friends I will never forget, and became "addicted" to yoga. I lost weight, dress sizes, developed self-confidence as my practice improved. My posture improved, my energy level increased, and my cholesterol level dropped 50 points. I could not live without yoga now, and my teachers have had a direct impact on all aspects of my life. How wonderful! Thank you Tara and Meighan. Maria (51 years young)

Testimonial 4

I lost 4 dress sizes in 6 weeks and I still ate the same way I always do - Anything and everything!  It also cured my tendonitis in 2 classes!  Tara Clay, owner

Testimonial 5

I was diagnosed with cancer in Feb. 2006.  Good news is that my prognosis is very good. But I would had to undergo 6 weeks of radiation- 5 days a week. During radiation, I took your S2 yoga classes twice a week.  They were a tremendous help in assisting me with staying in shape, fighting fatigue during radiation and overall feeling good physically. Even my doctors said that yoga or pilates would be good for me and that it would help fight fatigue. I am so glad Yoga Sol was available to me because I don't know what kind of shape I would have been without it. Laura

Testimonial 6

I’ve been to other yoga studios and have experienced many other instructors but Yoga Sol really blew my yoga experience out of the water. As a functional movement specialists I know it is crucial to have a good understanding of why you are doing certain poses and maneuvers. One of the instructors, Wes, was very thorough to explain the different benefits of certain poses like increasing the tensile strength in my SI joints. I felt very welcomed from the get go, I was made to feel a part of the group right away. I recommend Yoga Sol concord to my patients and to those who look to Yoga as a way to help further heal and maintain their wellness.

Testimonial 7

Yoga Sol is a community of teachers and students deeply interested in self improvement. The staff really does care about their students and you can see the dedication the teachers have in sharing their love of Yoga.

Testimonial 8

I have been coming to Yoga Sol for about 6 months and it's been a life-changing experience. The studio is always clean and that includes the bathrooms. There are lockers there so you can stow your belongings safely, as nothing beyond your mat, locker key and water are permitted in the room. Even though it plainly states no belongings are allowed in the room on the business' website, I felt that was important to reiterate here just in case people don't look at the website.

Testimonial 9

Yoga Sol is a community of teachers and students deeply interested in self improvement. The staff really does care about their students and you can see the dedication the teachers have in sharing their love of Yoga.

Testimonial 10

What I really like about this place is that you get a variety of instruction from the teachers. Grace is amazingly nurturing and her Yin classes are simply YUMMY for a lack of a better word. You can really sink into relaxation in her class and unwind. The awesome thing about Grace is, despite her easy, nurturing energy, if she is subbing for a vinyasa class, rest assured she will give you a great work-out.  CJ is also very good. I've taken her Yin class on Sundays and she really creates the atmosphere of relaxation. She taught a Kid's class this summer, which my son attended, and she was absolutely amazing with the kids.

Testimonial 11

Love this studio! Tara is the owner and also teaches a handful of classes. I find her classes to be a refreshing change to yoga. I am never bored and always happy with the class. I like all the staff and teachers at this down-to-earth studio that is colorfully painted, clean, and ALWAYS plenty of parking. There is a nice variety of classes, something for everyone - there is power yoga for strength training, vinyasa flow, and yin yoga for a low key change, intro classes for beginners, and also HOT YOGA! You don’t have to pay extra for the Hot Yoga, which is awesome.

Testimonial 12

After the first free lesson, I had to sign up for the class. It was perfect for an anti-workout gal like myself. I was quite intimidated by the duration (90 minutes) of the class, but at the end of the session it didn't feel like it was long at all! I'm the type of a person who get on a treadmill, pretend to run for 8 minutes, then give up. Yeah - and this girl lasted for entire 90 minutes and then went back the next day for another session! Not that the moves were easy or my body wasn't sore (I'm still sore as of this writing), but the program and the routines were really well-organized for beginners. I am very glad that I found this place. Plus, $30 for the first month deal is a steal!

Testimonial 13

Yoga Sol is the place to go if you want to attend classes taught by knowledgeable and friendly trainers in a clean, calm environment. I went for my initial one-on-one session last week. The trainer was patient and thorough. She also didn't laugh when I broke the massage ball--eek! I was so embarrassed, but she remained calm and just rolled another ball my way. I think that's what sealed the deal for me. Not to mention how inexpensive the classes are. I plan on attending regularly until my trip to Cancun in December, so I’ll be able to update my review at that time. For now (hehe) I’m a loyal fan. I’ve already started noticing a difference in the way I look and feel (I’ve lost 10lbs, my skin is clearer and more important, so is my mind).

Testimonial 14


I truly loved my 1 on 1 w/Tara--with each posture, I felt like I am becoming a better "me."  Practice, practice, practice.  Yesterday's class truly pushed me and while I thought I had hit the "wall" after a few more difficult postures, Tara was remarkable in talking us through it, achieving balance, humor and reminding us to take baby steps & to breathe.  I focused, inhaled/exhaled and it got better! Simply the BEST!  I'm honored to be a member of the Yoga Sol family! 

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