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Align & Release Specialty 3 part Series

With Wes & Tara

Sundays, 2pm-4pm

Join Wes and Tara in this 3 part series and explore and improve your postures through the aid of release work and specific alignment focus. Each workshop prepares you for the next upcoming workshop helping you to build a foundation to progress in your practice.

All levels welcome.

April 30th:

Part 1- Externals and Seated Hip Openers

registration deadline: April 23rd

May 21st:

Part 2- Assymetrical Standing Postures and Twists, Leading to Backbending

registration deadline: May 14th

June 11th:

Part 3 -Inversion and Urdhva Dhanurasana

registration deadline: June 4th

Must pre-register 7 days prior to the workshop.


1 workshop = $50

2 workshops = $45 each ($10 off)

3 workshops = $40 each ($30 off)


(Yearly/debit members receive 25% off)

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